Trail Report Sept 2017

Trail report 3 and Last Report: Covered about 11ish miles 2.6 miles North of the Deadman aid station and to the 9 mile aid station. 53 and 27 milers will travel this section. Please note there are long sections between aid stations here.Once again, the trail is in excellent condition and very visible. However, it does cross from single track to jeep trails, so need to be alert for markers. I’m standing next to one and if you miss this one…and get off course, I can’t help you:)! I will yet have bright pink flagging, like my shirt color for confidence markers, but no kidding, in sections you’ll see 4-5 rock cairns along the trail. This section crossed several slick rock areas, wonderful views and a Spring. Found bear, or cougar track so keep that in mind that this is wilderness. Bells, clacking or just chatting with a fellow runner scares them off. There is hunting as well but to the West on the Southern end of the trail. Bright clothes still recommended and please do not wear a costume that looks like a deer. More info will be sent via UltraSignUp to those have registered.

Trail report 2:  Scouted 7 miles from the 53 mile turn around point and 27 mile start line (30Ker’s will not see this section, so please enjoy the pictures).  All looks clear and well maintained!  This is a very sparse section with little to no tree’s, but has very interesting geological features and views of Cabazon.  You will also run by the infamous Race name sake, Deadman Peaks:)!  You’ll see the posts with white tips, but not the entire section, but there are plenty of rock cairns which on race day of course, bright flagging will provide confidence markers.  This section mixes with single track and jeep dirt roads.  Staying on course gets tricky going from jeep road to single track.  These intersections will be heavily flagged, but in the past, I’ve seen runner’s leap over barriers and disregard signs etc!  So if you have not seen a rock cairn or flag in 10 minutes, turn around!

Trail report 1: Kim’s been doing some trail scouting the past few weeks and the trail is in GREAT SHAPE! Trail report:  Scouted the first 9 miles for the 53M and 30K or the last 9 miles for the Marathoner’s and the trail is in great shape and is very well marked!  In the pictures you can see poles with painted white tips as well as rock cairns.  On race day there will be pink flagging as well.  Be sure to enjoy the views!!


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