1. No Littering – not even at or near aid stations.  Anyone littering will be disqualified.

2. No Pacers

3. All runners must check in and out of all aid stations.  Runners can only drop at an aid station and must inform the aid station captain and turn in their number if they drop.  The runner will be responsible for any search and rescue costs if this is not done.

4. Crews are only allowed at Mesa Portlaes, the Turn Around, and the Start/Finish.  If a crew attempts to reach the Deadman Peaks aid station, the runner will be disqualified. If they try to reach La Ventana Mesa, the runner will be banned from all future races.  In the event of heavy rain, like 2010, crews will only be allowed at the turn around.

5.  Runners must abide by cutoffs.

6. Anyone leaving Mesa Portales, mile 43.5, after 3:00 pm must have a flashlight. Anyone leaving the turn around after 12:30 must also have a light.

7. Be nice to the volunteers!

8. No dogs at the aid stations, start/finish, or on the course.

9. Runners can be pulled at any time if aid station personnel deem them unfit to continue safely to the next aid station.


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