What are the “Deadman Peaks,” and  how did they get their name?  They are a group of mesas near mile 20/30.  The USGS map lists them as Deadman Peaks.  Since the race is near Halloween and Day of the Dead, that’s the name we’re going with.

 What is the average weather in Cuba in late October/early November? The weather in Cuba is usually sunny and windy, with highs in the 50s & 60s and lows in the 20-30s.  Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes in your drop bags at mile 41. It will get cold very quickly once the sun sets.  Anything is possible from snow, rain to warm and dry.  Suggest checking weather conditions in Cuba, NM prior the race.

Will I need a headlamp at the start? Yes, it will be dark for the first hour.  You will also need to have a headlamp with you if you leave the mile 43.5 aid station after 3 pm.  If you think you will be close to the 6:30 PM cutoff at mile 43.5, take a headlamp with you from the turn around.  Marathon racers do not need a headlamp at the start, but suggest having one in your drop bag at mile 17 aid station.

How many miles of  the course are single track in the total route?  There are 45 miles of single track and 8 miles of dirt roads/jeep trails. The total distance is 53 miles.

Is the race during hunting season? Yes, fortunately there aren’t many hunters in this area, but it still might not be a bad idea to where bright color clothes.

Where should I stay in Cuba? There are three small, cheap motels in Cuba.  None of them have online reservations so you’ll have to call.   Suenos Encantados B&B is about 5 miles from town.   You can also camp anywhere for free on BLM land, including the start, as long as you don’t have a fire or destroy any vegetation.   You can also camp at the Sandoval County Fairgrounds off of CR 11 just as you enter Cuba from Albuquerque.  The Start/Finish line is about 5 miles away.


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